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“Mobile first” CSS and getting Sass to help with legacy IE

by greut

Taking a “mobile first” approach to web development poses some challenges if you need to provide a “desktop” experience for legacy versions of IE. Using a CSS pre-processor like Sass can help.



by greut & 10 others, 3 comments
a port from ies4linux


SitePen Blog » The Cross-Browser Window Focus Blues

by greut

you want it to lock the user out when the browser hasn’t had focus after 15 minutes? Well that’s easy you think, I’ll just connect to the document’s blur and focus events and be good to go.

msie6 quirkiness


by greut

<!--[if gte IE 7]><div class="ie ie7"><![endif]-->

<!--[if IE 6]><div class="ie ie6"><![endif]-->

<!--[if lt IE 6]><div class="ie ie5"><![endif]-->

<!--[if IE]></div><![endif]-->

nick hack.

Finally, the alternative fix for IE6's memory leak is available

by greut & 1 other

the alternative fix for IE6's memory leak is available

try finally does the job for you.

GPDE Team Blog : JavaScript Memory Leak Detector

by greut & 1 other

JavaScript Memory Leak Detector is a debugging tool to detect memory leaks in JavaScript code. It can be installed as an Internet Explorer band and it is expressly designed to find memory leaks in JavaScript code that runs in Internet Explorer.


Taming opacity with Texts for Internet Explorer

by greut
Taming opacity with Texts for Internet Explorer

Mayukh's World

by greut - Automating Internet Explorer with Python

DHTML Goodies

by formation_ajax & 4 others
Widgets Ajax et Javascript MSIE ET FF

On having layout — the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win

by greut & 11 others
A lot of Internet Explorer's rendering inconsistencies can be fixed by giving an element “layout.”


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