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December 2008

Yong's China Quest adventure game Level 1 - Interactive

by knann
Welcome young disciple to your challenge! The period is 500BCE. On your quest as a scholar, you must learn about the tradition of Chinese writing, and become safe-guarded by a mystical beast by collecting the Qilin tile. There are 3 levels of play

January 2008

lingro: multilingual dictionary and language learning site

by knann & 5 others
lingro is an on-line environment for people learning languages. lingro's dictionaries remember all your translations and help you learn the vocabulary most important to you easier and faster

Wikijunior:Languages - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

by knann (via)
The target age of this title is 8-12 years old. This is intended to be a basic introduction for kids to learn about different languages around the world. As a general survey, this project is more oriented to covering a large variety of languages rather than studying any particular language in depth. The goal of this project is to provide some basic language skills for younger children and introduce the idea of other languages, especially in areas where children are not exposed to some of these other languages.

Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions Audio

by knann
The format is mostly the following: the word or expression spoken in English, then repeated twice in Spanish. Please note that the audio files are up to 7 Mb in size, so the built-in player may need a bit of time after clicking "play" to load the one you'd like to listen to.

October 2007

The Internet Picture Dictionary

by knann
A picture dictionary available in english, french, spanish, german, or italian. Translation not available but items are arranged in alphabetically or in categories.

September 2007

Global Trek: Virtual Travel Around the World

by knann (via)
Book your flight and travel to the country of your choice. Start a journal (password protected) and add entries for the selected topics. Print your journal when done or return at another time by revisiting the country. Great for Foreign Language and Culture classes.

A Trip to Mexico: CyberHunt Kids

by knann (via)
ke a cyber class trip to Mexico and learn about our neighbor to the south. Use the links below to take off on your Mexican journey. You can record your answers on the handout provided by your teacher or on a separate sheet of paper.

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