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Understanding How Led Lights Can Save You Money

by yogilou
Simply put youre going to start comparing your existing light bulbs with their low stamina equivalents inside order to determine how much better they are.



Centros de Emprego

by empregonline
Dicas de emprego, centros de emprego, aprender a elaborar um curriculum vitae e outras informações de emprego.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650 :: Crossing the Chasm 2.0 :: March :: 2006

by vista
Here is the typical web 2.0 launch strategy. . . write a blog, trackback to bunch of A-list bloggers. Get readership, build some credit. Quietly work on your startup on the side. And finally when almost ready, create a landing page to collect emails. Announce on your blog prominently your new project. Build some buzz with a series of posts that reveals more and more. Finally launch. . . get 50K users. . . then. . . nothing! . . . (. . . rinse repeat. . . )

China sees 60 million bloggers by year's end | CNET

by vista (via)
China is the world's second-largest Internet market after the United States with more than 110 million users. A survey by Chinese search engine put the current number of blog, or Web log, sites at 36.82 million which are kept by 16 million people, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. The number of Chinese bloggers is expected to hit 60 million by the end of this year, Xinhua said, quoting a report on China's media industry by the prestigious Tsinghua University.

Study: Internet more popular than telly | | CNET

by vista
Men are the biggest Net users, averaging 172 minutes a day compared to 156 minutes a day for women. Shopping is one of the most popular online activities. And Londoners spend the most time and the most money on the Web, the story said.

Pack some help in your backpack

by vista
It may sound weird to associate travel with doing good deeds, but Andrew Yu, founder of the Website "Carry One More Kg on Back" ( says the two can become one as long as you could carry one more kilogram of books and stationery amongst your belongings and give it away to schools at your destination. Talking to local children and sharing information also helps, he says. The Website "Carry One More Kg on Back" functions like a private NGO. Young people who are interested in Yu's ideas exchange information about schools and children, and what's more, it's a place for them to put their belief in social welfare into practice.


[Top Popular Feeds PREVIEW] ::: The Story of David Kaspar :::

by spaceufo
The Story of David Kaspar Online journal and ponderings about the Internet, gadgets and photography.

Release rather than transform

by tlr1959
everyone has unlimited talents and abilities. To varying degrees, your talents are diminished or blocked by trying to transform into something that others want you to be. Work, Life, Parenting are all affected by the degree in which you release your talents to do what is innate to you.

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