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May 2006

Student preaches morality to grads – then apologizes

by jasontromm, 1 comment
A university honor student who called his fellow seniors "selfish" during a politically charged commencement speech issued an apology for causing offense. Kessler, 21, said he intended in his speech to look back and forward at some of the issues confronting the university and society. "Instead of providing hope for all, I offended some by my words," Kessler said in a statement released by the university. "I sincerely apologize to each person I offended." ()() I have no idea why this gentleman thought he had anything to apologize for. He was reminding these students of their obligations as Catholics.

March 2006

March 2005

Kevin Myers: Shall we end child-slavery in Britain?

by mikepower
Unless ruthless action is taken, the country which crushed the slave trade in the 19th century could become its European capital in the 21st.

February 2005

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