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Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World

by night.kame & 1 other
Une lecture indispensable pour mieux comprendre tous ceux qui se baladent avec les bites de Docteur Dré sur la tête.




Vintage Japanese movie-monster anatomical illustrations

by 4004 & 1 other
Modern Fred's scans of vintage Japanese movie-monster posters include some spectacular pieces, none moreso than the anatomical cutaways of Godzilla, Gamera and co. // kaiju eiga - a set on Flickr


Bklyn Designs 2007: Longoland, Pratt Students, Uhuru & Amy Helfland

by oqdbpo
"Joshua Longo of Longoland's booth was probably the most purely delightful of any, if only because Joshua himself seemed to take the purest delight in objects as objects, outside of any functionality. He did display a wingback chair upholstered in "scales" of felted cashmere and a crafts-y "bear"-skin rug made of the same, but his pride and joy were clearly his stuffed animal/monster creations..."


by Blog-you (via)

A Quick Guide In Renting A Recreational Vehicle

by kromakirk
Traveling through different states or trekking across country can be an enjoyable task if you have the right vehicle to bring along. Whether you are planning to rent a vehicle for that yearly summer trip or a weekend vacation, here is a quick guide on ...

Monster Trucks :: Historias del Motor ::

by HistoriasDelMotor
La historia de los Monster Truck se remonta a 1975 cuando de las competiciones de drag racing de coches modificados, tambien conocidos como hot rods, surge una nueva vuelta de tuerca, coches reformados con ruedas extremadamente grandes que son capaces de

Trinity Clash 120th Rc Electric Wheelie Monster Truck

by mayble86
Trinity Clash 120th Rc Electric Wheelie Monster Truck - We are making some minor changes to this section, please bear with Use the search box above to find other Batman: Radio Control 6V Batman Monster Jam Truck First Act: 30" Portable Electric Guita

Traxxas Tmaxx 33 Rtr Rc Nitro Monster Truck 55mph

by mayble86
Traxxas Tmaxx 33 Rtr Rc Nitro Monster Truck 55mph - US $ 33 .40 Related : brand new mugen mbx5t and traxxas tmaxx 33 rtr rc nitro monster truck 55mph Next, once upon a time Time left: TMaxx E T Maxx MGT Aluminum Steering Block Knuckle. Postage: Free. 349.

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