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WebKit, Mobile, and Progress | Continuing Intermittent Incoherency

by night.kame

The important takeaway for web developers in all of this is that WebKit is winning and that that is a good thing.

C'est Alex Russell, employé de Google qui nous le dit : HTML 5 on s'en tape, ce qui est important, c'est le monopole de WebKit.

Monopoly City Streets: What's going on?

by srcmax

We had planned for a lot of traffic on launch day and had been load testing the game - in fact, we've been testing and optimizing for a whole month. However, between the enthusiasm of Monopoly fans around the world, everyone who was excited to try out the new experience and non-stop mentions of the game on Twitter, blogs and everywhere else, our servers were overwhelmed. Based on the stats we have, we show a daily rate of about 1.7 million unique visitors, but the figure is likely far higher.

Monopoly City Streets

by srcmax & 2 others

On the 9th SEPTEMBER, a world of property empire building on an unimaginable scale will be launched! A live worldwide game of MONOPOLY using Google Maps as the game board. The goal is simple. Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence.


Monopoly game without Boardwalk Square in new edition

by kramkoob
Hasbro, the toy and game maker, is not including Boardwalk in a special edition of Monopoly scheduled for release late this summer. Instead, the “Monopoly: Here and Now Edition” will use streets, neighborhoods and national monuments from 22 US cities.


My Blogpoly Goes Online! 線上遊戲大博客

by jackysee & 3 others (via)
小奧的 Blogpoly 現在真的有遊戲了

Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly®

by Pandora & 3 others (via)
Someone actually wrote a program for predicting Monopoly statistics, such as "Long Term Probabilities for Ending Up on Each of the Squares in Monopoly", "Expected Income Per Opponent Roll on all Properties Assuming Preferred Short Jail Stay", and "Expected Income Per Opponent Roll on all Properties Assuming Preferred Long Jail Stay". If I were a math person, I might find this useful.

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