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by jdrsantos
"ShapeShop is a new 3D modeling and design tool with a fun, easy-to-learn interface. Sketch-based shape creation and editing tools make it simple to quickly translate your ideas into a 3D shape, and drag-and-drop decal compositing makes texturing simple. Best of all, ShapeShop is free!"




CVXMOD – Convex optimization software in Python

by ogrisel
CVXMOD is a Python-based tool for expressing and solving convex optimization problems. It uses CVXOPT as its solver. It is developed by Jacob Mattingley, as PhD work under Stephen Boyd at Stanford University. CVXMOD is primarily a modeling layer for CVXOPT. While it is possible to use CVXOPT directly, CVXMOD makes it faster and easier to build and solve problems. Advanced users who want to see or manipulate how their problems are being solved should consider using CVXOPT directly. Additional features are being added to CVXMOD beyond just modeling. These are currently experimental. CVXMOD has a similar design philosophy to CVX, a convex optimization modeling language for Matlab®, and uses the principles of disciplined convex programming, as developed by Michael Grant, Stephen Boyd and Yinyu Ye.

Freyja :: 3d Modeling system

by jdrsantos
Freyja 3d is a modeler and animator focusing on low polygon game content with wide range of model import/export plugins. Freyja has some unique features such as Lua macros, tools for reverse engineering, and use of GLSL shaders while editing. Currently su

NetLogo Home Page

by jdrsantos
NetLogo is a cross-platform multi-agent programmable modeling environment. NetLogo was authored by Uri Wilensky in 1999 and is under continuous development at the CCL (the people who brought you StarLogoT).

by jdrsantos & 1 other
DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment.


by jdrsantos
ESS-MODEL: The fastest and easiest to use UML reversing tool on the market!


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