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February 2007

Experts: Eating Disorders on the Rise among Young Girls

by JomeiKujo & 1 other
More and more children are dieting and developing eating disorders as the media increasingly promotes body image dissatisfaction. A national eating disorder treatment center noted that 63 percent of elementary school teachers are concerned about eating disorders in their ...

April 2006

January 2006


by bader & 1 other (via)
KABLOG is a tool for mobile phones and PDAs that allows you to post photos and blog entries to blog servers and services such as TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, WordPress, B2, Blog-City, UserLand (Radio), Roller, SnipSnap, and other blog servers that support either the simple blogger xmlrpc interface or the extended metaWeblog interface. (Note: posting photos requires that the blog server support the metaWeblog.newMediaObject method. Check your server's documentation.) In addition, KABLOG provides extended support for posting entries to TypePad/Movable Type.

June 2005


by wozy

May 2005

My TextAmerica Moblog

by lewismoten
I have a moblog hosted with textamerica. I walk around with my cell phone and take pictures. I then send them to an email address and they magically appear on the moblog! Check it out and start one of your own.

February 2005

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