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Un appli incontournable et gratuite pour mixer vos morceaux musicaux

by lang
Dans le best of des applications mobiles incontournables, edjing DJ Turntable permet une expérience inédite pour mixer des morceaux musicaux dans le tempo, avec des effets divers scratcher, echo pour faire vos tops mix le plus facilement du monde

Software Audio Console

by wabaus
FoH mixing console "in the box" on a Windows PC. Written in assembly language, with support for 64-in, 64-out, and 24 virtual mixers - plus recording.

Air FoH digital Windows Console

by wabaus
Built upon the software, VAR packaged hardware/software FoH mixing console with recording. 64-in, 64-out, and 24 virtual mixers!


Burn Studios Audio Tool

by wabaus & 1 other
Free Cloud-based music mixing



by ycc2106
mingle all your feeds into one to produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget



Yahoo! MapMixer

by Xavier Lacot & 2 others (via)
It's easy to mix your own map. Upload an image of your map, use our layering tool to align it with Yahoo! Maps and we'll do the rest! Your map will have all the features of Yahoo! Maps (zooming, panning). You can also syndicate it on your own site or blog.

Youtube Remixer - votre table de montage video en ligne - AccessOweb, le blog

by camel (via)
Youtube, en association avec Adobe, nous offre une véritable table de montage vidéo en ligne. Vous allez pouvoir ajouter des effets, musiques, graphiques, etc ... à vos vidéos Youtube et diffusez votre mixage

2006 - Create a custom digg feed in seconds

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Custom mixed digg categories and sub-categories feed generator.

xFruits - Compose your information system

by ycc2106 & 29 others
mix and make delicious mixtures of feeds for blog, mobile and startpage.

Blogdigger Groups - Beta

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Blogdigger Groups allows you to combine the contents of two or more blogs making the combined content easily accessible all at once. You can create a Blogdigger Group using any blogs that have RSS feeds. Once you specify the feeds that com


by ycc2106 & 2 others
Easy-to-use and fun mixing tools, including our Windows Media Player plug-in, allow users to save their remixes on their homepage, make custom ringtones, share them with other users and friends, or stream them from their blogs, webpages, or other social network profile pages.

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