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June 2008

April 2007

Mars Rover Celebrates Milestone

by cflick
More than 910 days after its "90-day warranty" expired, NASA's rover Spirit is still carrying out its mission on Mars. Discovery News reporter Jorge Ribas finds out how the robot has lasted so long.

October 2006


by LoriBuhrke
Oh, hello! I'm Wallace - the one, who likes reading and going out with my friends. I'm just out of college, so I want to make a page of mine as a finish milestone. Frankly speaking, these years were ok, the only thing I didn't like was writing. This is where I found a really good service to help me.

July 2006

activeCollab - open source project management and collaboration tool.

by nhoizey & 54 others, 2 comments
activeCollab est une alternative logiciel libre (très ressemblante) à Basecamp (de 37signals), c'est à dire un outil de gestion de projet simple, avec gestion de « milestones » et tâches associées, de documents, de messages... vont-ils se faire taper dessus par 37signals???

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