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by Emaux
Rycote microphone Windshields Ltd is a manufacturer of accessories, microphone windshields & windscreens, suspensions and shock mounts for both professional and consumer broadcast microphones and camcorder mounted microphones.


The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

by springnet
I record almost all our shows from my small studio in Northern California. I'm using a mixer and a professional microphone, the rest of the participants are usually calling in via the Internet telephony program Skype

Sound Skulptor - Microphone Preamplifiers, Class A Mic Pre, Vintage Transformer Preamp, Professional Audio Kits

by Emaux
Our goal at Sound Skulptor is to offer products that are based on these great designs from the past. Their form is modern though : compact design, easy construction, new functionalities like DI inputs, clip Led's, relay switching, ... Our products are slowly crafted, with extreme care and many listening sessions in real conditions in our recording studio. The products are proposed in kit form, to minimize cost as far as possible. They are also available built and tested for the non technicians.

Samson Technologies Corp.

by Emaux
Fabricants de matériels audio, microphones, écouteurs, etc


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