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March 2008

McCain Shop at Vote for John McCains V.P. campaign buttons in 2008 horse race for President & Vice President. Current Polling results from votes.

by uaw
John McCains VP vice-president campaign buttons poll for 08 presidential election. BUTTON POLL The rules of the GOP Shoppe's Vice Presidential Button Poll are simple - every button sold counts as one vote for that potential running mate. The potential Vice Presidential candidates used in this poll are purely speculation and in no way reflect any official choices. As in past VP Button Polls, we welcome any other suggestions to add to the list. No active Presidential candidates will be added to the list. Vote as early and as often as you like, you could affect the future of one VP hopeful. See the current status of your choice on the Current VP Button Poll Results page.

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June 2007


by vladil
a household employment matching service, specializes in matching nannies, au pairs, governesses, babysitters and more with families seeking qualified nannies and domestics. Nanny Available also helps families in need of elder care companions and housekeeper. .

April 2007

Swinger clubs

by staruser & 1 other
Swinger clubs near you:Costa Mesa, San Bernadino, Riverside, Bay Area, Sacramento, San Jose, Redding, Desert Hot Springs, Long Beach, San Diego Area, Riverside County, Topanga, Lake Elsinore Area, Denver, Colorado Springs, Arvada, Manchester, Philadelphia, Hollywood.....

For the Love Of a Duck

by staruser
Like people, birds must make decisions everyday. Last Call Cleveland gives you a sketch about a duck torn between self-respect and material goods.

March 2007

September 2006

U of M Magic Bus - Stop View

by sniggy
university of michigan campus map

August 2006

It's The Economy

by Toast1185
The topics will be on pretty much anything covered in the news that catches my eye in either economics or politics (Incredibly broad, so I shouldn't run out of content). I'm not doing this to make money, just to put my thoughts out there and be active in my interests.

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