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07 June 2010

Stratégies de développement des médias digitaux #slideshow |

by HK
Stratégies de développement des médias digitaux #slideshow - web data apps (ludique, informative, riches)

18 May 2010

Fundamentals of Web Publishing

by HK
Put it all together. Then start over!

The power of transmedia storytelling - SmartPlanet

by HK
Transmedia storytelling, often referred to as crossmedia or multiplatform storytelling takes the elements of a character’s narrative and applies them uniquely to each medium while extending the story.

10 May 2010

Traditional Ways Of Judging ‘Quality’ In Published Content Are Now Useless | paidContent

by HK
Ben Elowitz (@elowitz) is co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a platform for social web sites, and author of the Digital Quarters blog. Prior to Wetpaint, Elowitz co-founded Blue Nile, the online retailer of luxury goods. He is also an angel investor in various media and e-commerce companies.

06 May 2010

Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm

by HK
Jeff Gomez (head dude at Starlight Runner Entertainment, and general good guy) gives yet another informative presentation on the real world (business) models in today's transmedia. (If you like this, you might want to read the interview we did with Jeff: 'The Transmedia Equation, Part 1: Top-Down Development with Jeff Gomez').

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