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5 Big Changes to Watch in Facebook’s Upcoming Redesign [Screenshots]

by srcmax

Just over a month ago, Facebook rolled out a new homepage redesign. Now it looks like the social network isn’t completely satisfied with the results, as it’s now testing yet another homepage redesign.

Twitter va lancer les comptes “vérifiés”

by srcmax
Il semblerait qu’une poursuite judiciaire ait été nécessaire afin de pousser Twitter à réfléchir à mettre en place les comptes “vérifiés” pour contrecarrer les faux compte de célébrités, en effet, le service de mciroblogging vient d’annoncer le lancement de son programme verified accounts en phase bêta.

Twave: Google Wave + Twitter

by srcmax (via)
Google Wave, released earlier today, is already generating a lot of buzz, and for good reason: it’s a potential game changer in the realm of of email, IM, and project management. But there a few key features that really speak to Google Wave’s potential. Specifically, the fact that it is open-source and can be fitted with extensions and applications.


HOW TO: Add Facebook Connect to Your Blog in 8 Minutes

by srcmax (via)
Facebook Connect can now be instantly added to any blog (see video above). Are you adding it to your blog? Give us your blog URL in the comments and we’ll check it out!

Facebook Connect est live !

by srcmax (via)
Par exemple, CitySearch, le city guide et annuaire local, qui a déjà intégré Facebook Connect, permet à ses membres de se loguer pour partager leurs avis et laisser des commentaires sur des endroits qu’ils ont visité et par la suite de diffuser ces actions automatiquement sur leurs newsfeed au sein du réseau social.


Tom Morris: 24/09/2007

by greut

Consider this a kind of Hello World of RDF querying.

Nice intro from big Tom using Twitter data.


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