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Forex Profit Launcher

by mondele
The Forex Profit Launcher's sophisticated signals software lets YOU control your trades, but tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. You just follow the instructions on your screen and rack up the profits. Review of the Forex Trading Manuals Forex Profit Launcher.


Trading Currency ETFs

by polyxena
ETFs retain the valuation feature of a unit trust, which can be purchased/redeemed at the end of each day for its net value - but you’re not limited to trading at the close price. An ETF is continually priced through market trading hours and so intra-day trading becomes possible. (Not something that ever went on with unit trusts or mutual funds).

Contract for Difference Trading - CFD

by polyxena
CFDs are to be avoided, on stocks, equities, anything and everything - it’s one small step away from spread betting and if you want to end up like those dumbasses who spreadbet on the FTSE opening every morning, fine, go ahead…


UK to ditch Pound and enter Euro?

by polyxena
What of the rumors? Rumors that, faced with a currency dropping like a stone, a lot of previous policy statements are going to be junked and the United Kingdom might make a relatively rapid emergency dive into the Eurozone.


The Best Employee Ever Known

by asp_bb
And who might that be, you ask? Well, what are the qualities of a good employee? One who does the tasks required of them, correctly, on time, consistently and reliably, right? A great employee would have all of the above qualities and be available for ...


Phuc Meh? Phuc Vu!

by youdonkey
When The Operator Doesn't Listen Anymore! Random Thoughts... Random Questions... Random Exploits... Random Answers... Random Trivia... Random Rants... Random Praises... and anything else that comes to mind. Hey! Phuc Vu!

Stock Market Tips

by nldeshpande
Handy tips you could use while trading in the Indian Stock Markets. Here are some strong tips you need to observe while you venture into trading in NSE or BSE.

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