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Tribute To Our Soldiers

by cflick
This really had an impact on me and I wanted to share it with you! Note: This video Im sharing I did not create it but it's something I think is important enough that I want to help the author show our respect to our soldiers! Authors Notes- EDIT: 7/23/06: This video gives new meaning to me, being that a person I have known for all my life, died july 21st, 2006 from injuries recieved atop his bradley fighting vehichle several days prior. He served in the Army and has been laid to rest in Arlington Cemetary. You served your country, family, and friends proudly. 5/11/06:: A quick little thing I put together at the last minute, so please do expect it to not flow smoothly.. thanks! best viewed if you dont make it full screen


Many Troops Don't Want Extra Body Armor

by jasontromm
The extra body armor the Pentagon is issuing Soldiers and Marines in Iraq will not be a welcome addition for everyone. While some say they won't go into battle without the protective side plates, others say they don't want to add any more weight to their gear, which can easily top 70 pounds.


In Remembrance

by jasontromm (via)
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