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September 2009

Storz and Bickel Volcano Herbal Vaporizer

by access2
Herbal vaporizers can be used in smoking cessation, administration of medical marijuana, or a variety of other uses. Instead of heating plant materials to their ignition point and burning them at even higher temperatures, these devices heat the herbs to something just above the boiling point -- about 235 degrees. This not only extracts more of the active component, but does so without producing the harmful -- even toxic -- pyrolytic by-products such as tars and carbon monoxide.

July 2008

NORML's Marijuana Health Mythology - NORML

by soul1383
by Dale Gieringer, Ph.D. Coordinator, California NORML Myth: Marijuana is a Dangerous Drug Myth: Marijuana is Harmless Myth: One Joint Equals One Pack (or 16, or maybe just 4) Cigarettes Myth: Prohibition Reduces the Harmfulness of Pot Smoking Myth

June 2008

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