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Mandriva Linux MIB-Live-prog 2009.0 available now! []

by yogilou
live cd de 2009.0 avec des logiciels baskports The MIB-Live has Gnome as the default DE, but it's possible to start kde 3.5.10 afterwards, and many and many programs, all up-to-date: XBMC, elisa, vlc, amule, ardour, openarena, hedgewars, deluge, openoffice, peazip, firefox, opera, licq, geany, geogebra, wine, mupen64 and much more.. You can download it from this mirror (Iso prepared by Roberto65):

What the Russian papers say | What Russian papers say | RIA Novosti

by oseres (via)
Russian Technologies set to buy blocking stake in national operating system This summer Russian Technologies, a state corporation aiming to help fuel future technological breakthroughs in Russia, acquired a blocking stake in Alt Linux, a Russian company developing and distributing free off-the-shelf and customized software, and put itself forward as the national operating system operator. The fact that Russian Technologies asked the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media to appoint it operator of the national operating system has been confirmed to this paper by a ministerial source and a top manager of a major Russian IT company. France's Mandriva S.A. open source software company may compete with Russian Technologies in implementing this project, due to annually receive an estimated 10 billion rubles ($306 million) worth of federal allocations. The national operating system is being developed under the new Information Society state program, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Ilya Massukh said recently. The operator will be selected through a tender to be held in early 2011. Russian Technologies, which bought a blocking stake in Alt Linux through its subsidiary Sirius in July 2010, may eventually acquire a controlling interest. The New Generation Initiative (NGI) Foundation, established by Artur Akopyan, former financial director of Russia's Synterra telecommunications operator and currently managing director of private equity firm Sloane Square Capital Partners (SSCP), also wants to help establish the national operating system. This summer NGI bought a minority stake in Mandriva, which is also involved in the project. In essence, this involves the introduction of free software, first introduced in Russian schools in 2007, in Russian state agencies. At that time, then First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and software developers agreed on acquiring a software package at federal expense for a period of three years and the simultaneous development of software that works in a similar way. A total of 2.7 billion rubles ($88.2 million) was allocated to provide schools with licensed software. In 2007-2008, the Armada group teamed up with Alt Linux to deliver software packages to schools in three pilot regions, namely, Tatarstan, the Perm Territory and the Tomsk Region, but it failed to win a nationwide school-software supply tender in 2009. Alt Linux CEO Alexei Smirnov said the National Research Institute of Control Automation in the Non-Industrial Sector (VNIINS), which had developed a Linux version of software from Red Hat, Inc., a major Linux distribution vendor, for the Russian Armed Forces was the company's real rival.


Exclusif : Mandriva sauvé par des investisseurs::Open source::LeMagIT

by kasi77
Après des semaines de rumeurs de rachat qui avaient mis sous pression les utilisateurs et les salariés du groupe, Mandriva devrait finalement recevoir le soutien d’investisseurs qui l’aideront à financer son avenir. Sauvant in extremis la distribution Linux française la plus populaire.

Pulse 2 : La solution Open Source de gestion de parcs hétérogènes | Mandriva linux

by eledo34 (via)
La solution Open Source de gestion de parcs informatiques hétérogènes Mandriva Pulse 2 permet de gérer vos postes de travail, nomades et serveurs où qu'ils soient et quelque soit leur système d'exploitation. Accédez à de nombreuses fonctionnalités : * inventaire logiciel et matériel, * télédéploiement d'applications et de mises à jour, * télédiagnostic, * prise en main à distance...

MDS : Mandriva Directory Server

by eledo34 (via)
Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) est une solution de gestion d’annuaire LDAP facile à exploiter. Il permet aux entreprises de gérer les employés et leurs accès, les clients et les partenaires. Mandriva Directory Serveur constitue la fondation du système de gestion des identités, de l'administration du service d'annuaire et de la gestion des services réseaux.

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