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Its Does Not Pay To Fiddle On The Roof

by starmuscle
In Anaconda it was reported that a strong wind blew a fiddler off the roof. George Fiddler was doing some repairs on a roof when wind tumbled him to the ground. :rolleyes:

What came first the chicken or the egg ?

by starmuscle
This should have been the first poll that I did. Has this question ever been really answered? The chicken or the egg? With ten billion websites out there, no has has ever tackled this age old question. Are you going to use science or faith to answer this question? Maybe this is the fundamental question which separates mankind.....

Don't get eaten by animals

by starmuscle
Here's a funny letter from Mozambioue. I bet the vacation packages are pretty cheap. Attached Images  


Weblog Tutorials

by climaxdesigns
We blog, you blog, about high time we have a resource to that gathers all the information to make us better bloggers in one place.

101 Making Money Ideas | Tips, Which Opportunities & How

by jpservicez
Searching for how to make money online or Offline, which ideas to go for, which opportunity is profitable, What resources are available and risk involve.


Make Money Online - Money Making Programs Database

by burtonar
Database with pay per click, pay to read, affiliate, autosurf and other money making programs.

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