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MMM - Définition du signe mmm

by Dictionnaire
MMM définit notamment Mix Marvelous Minds utilisé sur les réseaux sociaux.


House of M

by alamat (via)
There was also the Age of Apocalypse miniseries, in which Apocalyspe, in an altered reality, controlled the world, and Magneto was the leader of the X-Men. However, in most alternate reality storylines, the ending seemed to undo everything. The characters remembered nothing of the other world when things went back to normal. Such is not the case in House of M.



Le Touilleur Express » Devoxx 2009 résumé de la journée de Jeudi

by night.kame

Enfin pour terminer la journée, j’ai tenté de regarder la présentation de Maven 3 de Jason van Zyl (fondateur de Maven). Quelques trucs sympas, Jason s’excuse pour Maven 1, nous dit que Maven 2 était un « experiment » et que Maven 3 sera la vraie version qui corrigera un peu tout. Je n’ai pas apprécié tout d’abord les slides illisibles, qui ne prennent pas le template de Devoxx.

Bon, on va attendre Maven 4 pour avoir quelque chose de potable alors.



Möbius by Mandy (geneticallydead)

by music2084
In the history books, Harry Potter stood over the hollow corpse of Lord Voldemort, vibrant and triumphant, and incinerated that withered old body to the depths of hell. The real truth was, Severus Snape killed Voldemort. Not Harry Potter.

Sanguis-Vinculum by Meri

by music2084
Harry and Severus unintentially form a blood bond which will enable them to join magic against Voldemort, but has the side effect of softening their feelings towards each other.

A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide

by music2084
Harry learns a lot over the summer. Smut happens. It's all terribly exciting.

Underwater Light by Maya

by music2084
Featuring an extremely depressed Harry, in a war-torn wizarding world, about to get the shock of his life when he discovers that Draco Malfoy is slightly more important to him than he would have ever guessed.

The Administration Series by Manna

by music2084
There are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys. (The Administration Series: Mind Fuck, Friday, Pancakes, Surprises...)

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