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Acid Trip

by fastclemmy
Drawing under acid. :: Online Psychedelic Art Gallery

by psygarden
In 2001 Psygarden started out as a Belgian psytrance community with a forum for Belgian trance lovers to exchange ideas, party information and anything psytrance related. Mid 2005, the two founders split it up into two projects. Dr. Gonzo launched and Rik Helsen kept the original project, focusing 100 per cent on the art galleries. The main goal of Psygarden is to promote visual artists who make our partying experience a visual extravaganza, exploring new techniques and more advanced materials. Due to the lack of a central community giving these artists the recognition they deserve, Psygarden have come along and done just that. The art gallery offers a platform for artists to display their work alongside a short biography. Since the relaunch of the art gallery, Psygarden is growing exponentially and already features over 75 of the best visual artists related to psytrance today. The art gallery has been present at various events over the past few years. Psygarden is certainly making a difference in the psychedelic art scene and the artists involved deserve more attention. Names like Luke Brown, Naoto Hattori, Psymbolic Visual and Alex Grey were all at the 2006 exposition. Among the artists are backdrop painters, painting fluoro acrylic on cotton based or lycra fabrics, evolving into 3D structures, visionary artists, using oil on canvas, and digital artists, creators of visuals, flyers, posters and CD covers. Some of the most talented Photoshop wizards in the psytrance scene have joined up with Psygarden to have their work promoted.


Gamers and Drug use: A look into counter culture

by larsonist
The article depicts the counter culture of drug use in the gaming world. Particularly focusing on the use of drugs at video game LAN parties; where the players stay up all night/weekend playing there favorite games together and using drugs together. The article covers various drug use from something typical like marijuana to more unexpected drug use amongst gamers like LSD and Methamphetamines.


fUSION Anomaly. Timothy Leary

by Sya
Lots of great info on the man who dared to think for himself.

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