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Two Factor Auth

by wabaus & 1 other
Check which web services offer 2-factor authentication


guide to forms based website authentication

by dzc & 1 other
How to log in - How to remain logged in - How to store passwords - Using secret questions - Forgotten password functionality - OpenID - "Remember me" checkbox - Browser autocompletion of usernames and passwords - Secret URLs (public URLs protected by digest) - Checking password strength - E-mail validation

Social Login - Gigya's Documentation

by Xavier Lacot
Gigya is a social login / users management solution. This guide describes how to interact with social login platforms, and explains the workflow involved in Gigya's way of working




by wabaus & 1 other
Login/auth library for PHP. Supports local login, OpenID, and many social networks (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.).


Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

by nhoizey & 7 others
Si vous êtes comme moi et vous inscrivez irrésistiblement sur tous les nouveaux services « Web 2.0 », voilà de quoi faire le ménage...

Facebook Login Fiasco Demonstrates Challenge in Competing with Google - Search Marketing News Blog - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

by ghis
If you're not already aware, this week ReadWriteWeb wrote up a post pondering about how Facebook wishes to be the "One True Login." The idea behind the post is that recent moves seem to suggest that Facebook wishes to become a starting point for most users to the rest of the web. Google quickly ranked the post in its "News" results at the top of the results page for "Facebook login." People began clicking on the post thinking they could login to Facebook from there. When they couldn't, they began leaving comments on the post expressing frustration and wanting to know how they could just log in!

by kemar
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Spécial dédicace pour Géraldine et Magali ♫ [from]

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