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April 2007

NearbyNow: Turn Online Browsing into In-Store Buying

by cyberien (via)
NearbyNow enables consumers to search all products, brands, and sales available at local shopping centers using the Internet or mobile phones. We turn online shoppers into in-store buyers

March 2007

Mystery Shopping

by digicam75 & 5 others (via)
Become a mystery shopper and earn money shopping at the mall or even dining at restaurants. Great pay! Start now.

February 2007

Find national brands, locally - Krillion

by cyberien
You've compared feature lists and read all the consumer reviews. You've narrowed your choices to one or two models. Now you wonder: Who carries this product near me? Is it on sale? You'll find the answers at Krillion.

Brooklyn Shopping - Discount Shopping, Bargains and Deals in Brooklyn Stores

by cyberien & 1 other
MyStore. A new way to bring local shoppers to you. Now you can tap into the millions of consumers that use the Internet for local shopping with MyStore - a special localized presentation for your business from ShopLocal, the leader in the local Internet. Simply type and click to create MyStore, then let ShopLocal's unique geo-targeting software search the World Wide Web for customers near your business. It's the right way for local businesses to use the Internet today.

October 2006

Saint Louis Shopping - Discount Shopping, Bargains and Deals in Saint Louis Stores

by commonpreyr & 1 other
This service looks really helpful. I assume it reaches other locations.

September 2006

August 2006

Yokel - Shopping directory of local stores and products

by jackiege
本地购物搜索引擎//A local shopping search engine that makes local shopping easier by allowing shoppers to quickly find products they are looking for at stores near them or near a specific city and zip code.

June 2006

Zixxo - Homepage

by jackiege & 8 others (via)
Users can find coupons via search or browse on the site, or receive email or RSS alerts for the location and/or coupon categories of their choice.

April 2006

March 2006

January 2006 - Local Search for businesses, products and services

by macroron
next generation local-search engine. provides over 16 million business listings as well as a broad selection of content from websites that are geographically local to your search.

December 2005

November 2005

Yelp: Maptastic

by macroron & 3 others
search for restaurants and it shows all the restaurants using Google Maps. The super cool part is as you zoom in/out or pan through the map, the results automatically update to only show results that are viewable on the current map.

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