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by kuroyagi

Booyah - Frequently Asked Questions

by kuroyagi
"First, Check-in at real-world locations to unlock rewards. Then buy and own your favorite real-life places. During the day, you can collect rent when people Check-in to your shops. The more visitors that come to your stores, the more it raises your properties' total value. The more you Check-in, the faster you'll level-up to unlock more locations to buy and upgrade, and the higher you'll climb up the leaderboard rankings. "

【速報】 米国モバイル位置情報アプリはすでに7000種超!そのアプリ・トレンドを調査する:in the looop:ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ

by kuroyagi


Mobile Location-Based Services on the Move - eMarketer

by kuroyagi
"eMarketer estimates there will be over 63 million location-based service users worldwide this year, and 486 million in 2012. "

パソコンと携帯電話の普及率トップは「北陸」、大都市圏を上回る・07年総務省調べ ビジネス-最新ニュース:IT-PLUS

by kuroyagi


NearbyNow: Turn Online Browsing into In-Store Buying

by cyberien (via)
NearbyNow enables consumers to search all products, brands, and sales available at local shopping centers using the Internet or mobile phones. We turn online shoppers into in-store buyers

2006 - Welcome

by ycc2106 lets users search for local happenings, create events for friends to attend, and send digital pictures taken with their mobile camera phones – from the Internet or their cell phone. The site works in real-time through a users cell phone, allowing them to capture spontaneous moments, view photos in a slideshow form and then comment and tag.


Vindigo: location-specific content delivered to mobile devices

by AdverseE & 1 other
Know any city like a local — restaurants, ATMs, movies, and more. We even include maps to get you there.

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