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PxLoader | A Simple JavasScript Preloader

by srcmax & 1 other
PxLoader is a Javascript library that helps you download images, sound files or anything else you need before you take a specific action on your site (like showing a user interface or starting a game). You can use it to create a preloader for HTML5 games and websites.


Canvas Loader Creator - Un générateur de loader en HTML5 Canvas - La Ferme du web

by eledo34 (via)
Avec les interfaces riches faisant appel à des ressources en Ajax ou autre, il faut pouvoir signaler à l'utilisateur que l'application est en cours de chargement. Aujourd'hui, on signale à l'utilisateur que l'application est en cours de chargement avec une image "loader". CanavasLoader Creator est un service web permettant de générer du code Javascript / HTML5 permettant d'afficher un loader personnalisé. Basé sur la librairie Javascript du même nom "CanvasLoader", le générateur vous permettra de choisir:


prettyLoader | Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors

by nhoizey
"prettyLoader is a small (less than 4kb uncompressed) jQuery plugin that aim at making your life easier regarding ajax loader display."

LABjs :: Loading And Blocking JavaScript

by dzc & 2 others
LABjs (Loading And Blocking JavaScript) is an open-source (MIT license) project. on-demand JavaScript loader, capable of loading any JavaScript resource, from any location, into any page, at any time. LABjs by default will load (and execute) all scripts in parallel as fast as the browser will allow. However, you can easily specify which scripts have execution order dependencies and LABjs will ensure proper execution order. This makes LABjs safe to use for virtually any JavaScript resource, whether you control/host it or not, and whether it is standalone or part of a larger dependency tree of resources. It uses an expressive, chaining API to specify which scripts to load, and when to wait ("block"), if necessary, for execution before proceeding with further execution.


xLazyLoader - ajaxsoft - Lightweight js, css and images loader - Google Code

by Spone & 2 others
a jQuery plugin that lets you asynchronously load resources such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. Quite useful if you want to head of and load some CSS to do something custom and you need the callback.

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