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Jagath » Plugins

by stane
live search for wordpress

December 2005

Using Livesearch for Tags

by cascamorto
Anyone who understands tagging also understands the benefit of being able to search for posts by tag. If you’ve ever used Technorati to search by tag, then you know how much more accurate your results tend to be. Folksonomy has become a huge part of blogging lately, but the whole purpose behind it gets a bit lost in the fact that not very many blogs with tags have a way to search for posts by tag. And isn’t that the whole point behind tagging our posts–to make them easier to find?

August 2005

Bartelme Design — XHTML, CSS, Design, Icons, Desktops

by nhoizey & 22 others
La nouvelle version du site de Wolfgang Bartelme, maintenant en PHP, et avec des standards et de l'AJAX à l'intérieur

May 2005

Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) from WebPasties

by François-Paul & 16 others
The purpose of this article is to demonstrate through a series of baby steps just how easy it is to use the XMLHttpRequest object.

January 2005

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