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Ian Bogost - Water Cooler Games

by HK
Water Cooler Games served as the web's primary forum for "videogames with an agenda" — coverage of the uses of video games in advertising, politics, education, and other everyday activities, outside the sphere of entertainment. The site was maintained at from 2003-2009, where it was edited by myself and Gonzalo Frasca. It is now archived here in full.

Recent Stories | Finding The Frame

by HK
Finding the Frame is a gathering spot where multimedia journalists can receive feedback on their videos, audio slideshows and multimedia projects from industry professionals and fellow visual journalists.



by blogdimension
Classify and follow your blog/s Find other bloggers and blogs of your interest Share your preferred blogs and find the new ones Keep all your social information in the same place


Local Advertising from Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture)

by cyberien (via)
Choose the Yahoo! Local Listing that works best with your needs. Local Listings are a great way to promote your business to customers looking for information in Yahoo! Local. Unlike Local Sponsored Search, which uses a pay-per-click payment model, Local Listings are based on a flat-fee (or no fee) structure.

Web 2.0 List

by Mal Burns & 6 others (via)
Selection of links to Web2 online applications. Contains quite a few lesser-known portals, so well worth a look.


Info Vilesilencer: The Original SEO Friendly Free Directory List

by filtalr & 4 others
Definitive source for web directories. Comprehensive lists of free and paid directorories.

the etherdirectory

by kasrak
A free site to find and post Ether listings and phone numbers. Find someone to talk to. - sell your property

by urbanfoto
I have no idea what Emongoo is supposed to mean (except for a formerly-available URL with a .com extension), but I can tell you it's pretty cool for what it does. Emongoo is a home listing site that gives you a place for your home, 20 images, and will sen

Muslim Groom Listings - RSS Feeds of Muslim Grooms

by suthra
Muslim Groom Listings - RSS Feeds of Muslim Grooms

IDX/MLS by IDX Broker - MLS Search tools for Realtors and real estate websites

by dcancel
IDX Broker Pro gives you the power to automatically display Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings directly on your website. Adding MLS listings to your website is quick and easy to do using IDX Broker Pro


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