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August 2007

March 2007

Distilling the Pledge of Allegiance

by brickcheney
What would the Pledge look like if we edited all the filler, propoganda, and half-truths?

November 2006

October 2006

June 2006

May 2006

Illegal Art | Creative Commons

by mikepower & 1 other
A museum exhibit called "Illegal Art" might sound like a history of naughty pictures. Turns out that the exhibit (through July 25 at SF MOMA Artist's Gallery) is more innocuous than most primetime TV: A Mickey Mouse gasmask. Pez candy dispensers honoring

March 2006

Six Myths About Libertarianism

by jasontromm (via)
Libertarianism is the fastest growing political creed in America today. Before judging and evaluating libertarianism, it is vitally important to find out precisely what that doctrine is, and, more particularly, what it is not. It is especially important to clear up a number of misconceptions about libertarianism that are held by most people, and particularly by conservatives. In this essay I shall enumerate and critically analyze the most common myths that are held about libertarianism. When these are cleared away, people will then be able to discuss libertarianism free of egregious, myths and misconceptions, and to deal with it as it should be -- on its very own merits or demerits.

February 2006

Once Upon a Time...: In Service of the New Fascism

by mikepower
Because I plan to refer to it in several upcoming pieces, I've reposted an essay I wrote in August 2003. It analyzes in some detail a "neoconservative manifesto" authored by Irving Kristol and published that month: In Service of the New Fascism. Arthur Si

Cato Unbound: Theodore Dalrymple: Is “Old Europe” Doomed?

by mikepower
I wondered what happened to old Theo after he retired. I think he moved to France which, given his views on Europe, seems a strange choice. Why not Louisianna or Texas?

SullyWatch on those cartoons

by mikepower
This was clearly done to bait the European Muslim community. If you take the right, take the responsibility.

Times Online: The President is a dolt – so how can America be such a success story?

by mikepower
While America has been run by one of the most doltishly ineffectual governments in history, it has forged ever further ahead of Europe in terms of wealth, science, technology, artistic creativity and cultural dominance.

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