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September 2008

ZaidLearn: 101 Free EduGames

by knann
Great compilation of learning games on the net, many of which are tied to the content areas. Teachers need to preview in order to determine appropriate grade level

June 2008

Computer Lab Favorites |

by knann (via)
safe, fun,educational activties for students in all subjects

Math For Kids - By

by knann (via) is the absolutely free math resource designed by teachers, specifically for students and children of all ages. A place where students can practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure free way. Math Foundations is a cutting edge, free 12 week program that will help build the foundation your student need to do well in Kindergarten. Teachers - Use the Free Worksheet Generator To Create Customized Worksheets!

Maths Whack 'Em Booster

by knann
This fun collection of booster activities have all been carefully chosen and designed as a result of the Athena research project which identified specific areas of maths development where pupils were under achieving. With thanks to Athena for all their work enabling this important resource to be developed. The activities and resources included are as follows: · Area & Perimeter · Checkout Challenge · Co-ordinate Shapes · DigitWize · Division Bingo · Fractions · Matchstick Patterns · Matchstick Sequencing · Measures · Mental Gym · Negative Numbers · Percentages · Shapes · Symmetry · Trainers Challenge · Weather Station · Weigh It Up For teachers who may wish to bypass the game, each of the activities can be directly accessed from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

April 2008


by knann (via)
Safe Educational Social Networking Peer to Peer Games focusing on spelling, paterns, geography, money(calculation,estimation) and more. Teachers can sign up for a free class account

March 2008

Simply Entertainment

by knann (via)
Accessible Learning/entertainment software Where to get those games, at low cost, or for FREE What to look for in selecting those games, quickly and with fewer costly mistakes How to apply those games to your learning objectives, without a lot of mystery Who to go to for FREE help

December 2007

Science Museum - Launchball

by knann & 8 others
Slide, bounce, and spring your way through 30 obstacle filled levels using your creative problem solving skills. Need to register to save progress. Complete the training games first!

August 2007

by knann
Students and teachers can create educational games, activties and diagrams in a Flash! Host or link them on your own blog, website or intranet!Take a look at the examples. Many are MS/HS content but easily applied to elementary grades. Great way to differentiate! Interactive whiteboard is not required!

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