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Project 2 : iTools | Learning English Together

by tadeufilippini
Project third edition is a five-level primary and secondary English course, trusted by teachers and loved by students worldwide. Project third edition encourages students to enjoy the process of learning, through updated content and a wealth of materials. It motivates students with engaging texts, topics, and activities across all five levels. The logical structure and clear approach provide a solid base for learning, as the course presents real language in real contexts. With Project iTools, teachers have exciting interactive whiteboard material which brings fresh stimulus to language lessons. File size: 327 MB

Instituto Singularidades - Página inicial

by tadeufilippini
Highlights info row image Rua Deputado Lacerda Franco, 88. Pinheiros 05418-000 São Paulo Como chegar Highlights info row image (11) 3034-5445 Highlights info row image Normalmente responde dentro de algumas horas Enviar mensagem Highlights info row image Highlights info row image Edifício do campus · Faculdade comunitária Highlights info row image Sugerir edições

The Big Picture - Sample Material

by tadeufilippini (via)
Sample Material Teacher-comments The Big Picture Elementary Unit 5 Unit 5 Student's Book alt tag goes here alt tag goes here New Framework 5 Unit 6 Unit 2 Student's Book Download PDFs of the sample pages for each level of The Big Picture.

Englishthisway (@englishthisway) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

by tadeufilippini
englishthisway 293 publicações 19,2mil seguidores seguindo 4.318 Englishthisway Learn English this way: straight to the point!! 🇬🇧🇺🇸 #englishthisway @renatafrancowilmot 🏅MA in Applied Linguistics, KCL 🎖Cambridge DELTA

Richmond Brasil - Página inicial

by tadeufilippini
Highlights info row image Rua: Padre Adelino, 758 - Belenzinho 03303-904 São Paulo Como chegar Highlights info row image 0800 771 8181 Highlights info row image Normalmente responde dentro de uma hora Enviar mensagem Highlights info row image Highlights info row image Publisher · Educação Highlights info row image Abre às 09:00 Fechado agora Highlights info row image Sugerir edições

EnglishON (@english_on) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

by tadeufilippini
english_on 204 publicações 7.780 seguidores seguindo 28 EnglishON English Classes and Teacher Training Courses 💻 Facebook: Englishon ✉️ E-mail: [email protected] São Paulo - Brasil

BRAZ-TESOL Brazil (@braztesol) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

by tadeufilippini (via)
braztesol 131 publicações 1.676 seguidores seguindo 28 BRAZ-TESOL Brazil Founded in 1986, BRAZ-TESOL is Brazil's largest association of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

Big Science - Pearson - Always Learning

by tadeufilippini (via)
What is BIG SCIENCE? Science is everywhere. From your backyard to a tropical rain forest; from your pets at home to creatures in the sea; from your bike to a space station. Let’s explore! With Big Science kids will learn to see and understand the world in new ways. They will ask questions, gather information, test ideas, and record their findings. In no time, your students will be thinking like young scientists!

World Link 3- Developing English Fluency [SB + CDs] | Learning English Together

by tadeufilippini
WORLD LINK is a core series for young adult/adult learners of English from the low-beginning to high-intermediate level. Combining dynamic vocabulary with essential grammar and universal topics, WORLD LINK enables students to communicate confidently and fluently. A complete package of supplementary materials motivates students and empowers teachers to maximize classroom time.

[Журнал] The Economist (35 выпусков) [2016, PDF, ENG] Обновлено 27.08.2016 ::

by tadeufilippini
The Economist (Подписка на весь 2016, Обновлено 27.08.2016) pic Год издания: 2016 Жанр или тематика: Деловой еженедельник Издательство: The Economist Group Язык: Английский Формат: PDF, MOBI, EPUB Качество: Отсканированные страницы + слой распознанного текста Описание: The Economist – влиятельный еженедельный англоязычный журнал. Публикуется в Англии с 1843-го года. В 2006 тираж превысил один миллион экземпляров, более половины которых были проданы в Северной Америке. Из-за своей глобальной ориентации, The Economist не считается эксклюзивно английским изданием. Основные темы, освещаемые журналом – политические события, международные отношения, финансовые, экономические и деловые новости, а также наука и культура.

Gormley K., Healan A. / Гормли К., Хилан А. - Close-Up / Крупный план 1st and 2nd Edition Levels A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1 - Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced [2011-2015, PDF, MP3, DVDRip, ENG] :: R

by tadeufilippini
Close-Up 1st and 2nd Edition / Крупный план 1 и 2 издание pic Год выпуска: 2011-2015 Автор: Gormley K., Healan A. / Гормли К., Хилан А. Категория: УМК Издатель: Heinle Cengage Learning. National Geographic Язык курса: Английский ISBN: 9781111834562, 9781408061749, 9781111834241 Формат: PDF Качество: Отсканированные страницы Аудио кодек: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps Качество видео: DVDRip Формат видео: MP4 Видео: M4V, avc1, 720x480, 29.970-30fps, 687-900 Kbps Аудио: 40, stereo, 48 KHz, 157-255 Kbps Описание: Многоуровневый курс английского языка. Предназначен главным образом для молодежной аудитории и подростков. Уровни в 1 издании B1, B1+, B2, C1 (Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced), во 2-м издании добавлены A2 и C2 (Elementary и Proficiency). Яркие фотографии и неординарные тексты

Hugh Dellar / Хью Деллар - Outcomes Elementary - Advanced / Отдача: от уровня Elementary до Advanced [2010, PDF, ENG] ::

by tadeufilippini
Outcomes Elementary - Advanced / Отдача: от уровня Elementary до Advanced pic Год выпуска: 2010 г. Автор: Hugh Dellar / Хью Деллар Категория: Учебно-методический комплекс Издатель: Heinle ELT Язык курса: Английский Формат: PDF Описание: Пятиуровневый курс с упором на лексику, отлично структурированный, с академическим уклоном, с полным набором компонентов, выверенным подходом к лексическим единицам. Outcomes is a new general English course in which: - Natural, real-world grammar and vocabulary help students to succeed in social, professional, and academic settings - CEF goals are the focus of communication activities where students learn and practice the language they need to have conversations in English - Clear outcomes in every lesson of every unit provide students with a sense of achievement as they progress through the course - Grammar reference section with activities for all grammar points covered - Eight two-page Writing lessons which cover social, academic and professional writing needs - Four four-page Reviews to revise language and skills, and explore learner training - Developing Conversations to get students to put language into practice in real life situations - Language Patterns which train students to notice common patterns in language, and to use them correctly - Native English Speaker sections to develop students' ability to express themselves naturally and clearly - Vocabulary Builder booklet to bring together key vocabulary, collocations, and expressions and provide extra practice - MyOutcomes - online practice for grammar, vocabulary and skills.


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