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Commission Gorilla 3.0 Review

by equis
Commission Gorilla 3.0 is a web based, affiliate promotion page builder that has been developed exclusively for affiliate marketers. The software has a whole range host of conversion boosting features, along with a bonus management system plus an in-depth reporting and analytics engine. The software drastically reduces the time and effort that's required to create promo pages and incorporates / automates many affiliate marketing strategies.

PursueApp Review

by equis
PursueApp brings the most powerful cold-emailing systems and workflow to the market. With features that allow you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns without spending hours. You can also create custom customer journeys based on specific responses and behaviors, and engage each customer in a 100% unique manner.

Post Gopher

by equis
Post Gopher WordPress plugin automatically turns your blog posts and pages into irresistible lead magnets. It offers an enticing 'bait' to get people on your email list, without which you're not going to be able to capture email addresses of your visitors. It's the super-easy way to boost opt-ins and grow your list.



by equis
Make interactive checklists online using the Kuicklist checklist maker. Easy to use software and dozens of templates.



by equis
A lead generation software that creates campaigns within minutes and helps you get verified social leads with just one click.

LeadsGorilla 2.0 Review

by equis
A leads generation app for local marketing services. Start finding hundreds of leads and potential clients within seconds from multiple platforms like Facebook and Google My Business


by equis & 1 other, 1 comment
With this app you can create custom bots that uses Artificial Intelligence bot technology to convert passive prospects into sales and leads. For the first time ever, you can now generate more qualified leads from your website visitors by leveraging on the regular chatbot plus 3 new bot technology that has not been seen before.


SalesVideoCreator - Create Sales Videos

by equis
Powerful sales videos that help you make more sales.Sell more and have higher conversion because of sales videos.

Interactive Image Marketing

by equis
How to use interactive images in your marketing


Xmails - Best Email Autoresponder

by equis
Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers - No SMTP Required!


by equis
Get more traffic, leads and sales to your websites with this web based app


by equis
Leads From Facebook to your autoresponder - Powerful new SAAS unlocks 100% fresh list building method


Lead Scrape

by manmac00
Leads scraper for marketing


An Explosive Lead Generation System

by cflick (via)
Article about a lead generation system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation.



Referral Marketing

by keilo
Referral Marketing is the number one tool in the small business marketers toolbox. Done right, referral marketing can yield an endless stream of new customers at low or no cost

Fast Pitch

by cdevore
Fast Pitch! is an online network that gives business professionals a destination to market and promote their business effectively (i.e. make their “pitch”). The Fast Pitch approach 'cuts to the chase' by allowing people to quickly identify qualified leads, pass referrals and generate business. Through a variety of services and networking events, Fast Pitch has facilitated over 1 million introductions for business professionals across the United States since 2004.



by BlogCruiser
Scouting the blogosphere for its own stars and news!

Greatest Lead Riffs Now and Past (All strings, electric, acoustic)

by Appamatix
Everyone knows of the "BOYS": Eric Johnson, Vassar Clements (violinist), Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny, Paco De Lucia, Sara McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the many that would certainly fill this page and then some. Simply most know of the G3 tht compiled cd that had some of the best "Riffs" by the Master's. Lets put our heads together and start posting some of the more harder finds by these Artists and other's like Neil Schon, Jeff Beck, the basist's Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller. There are far more than what is commonly found on just a simple search so help out here, were all contributing to this.

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