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LA - Définition la

by Dictionnaire
Féminin singulier de le ... mais aussi une note musicale.

LES, LÈS & LÉS - Définition les, lès et lés ...

by Dictionnaire
Les avec ou sans accent a des significations totalement différentes ... Alors les, lés ou lès ?




Baekdal Le Mans 24 Hours LIVE Tracker |

by rax262 (via)
Thomas Baekdal (@baekdal24hours on twitter) has been providing this app for a few years now. No skipping around to multiple websites, just click the banner above, kick back and enjoy. Since they are 6hrs ahead of us (EST) its a great way to keep up during the day if you’re at work! And, the webcam tracker is now also available for download here: (But the webcams are not online until Saturday)


chrizzzie's - Live Streaming Video

by rax262 (via)
Coverage of European Le Mans Series events


IMSA Lites Forum

by rax262
Forum for the discussion of the IMSA Lite series which is a feeder series for the American Le Mans prototype class.

Acura Changes, Five for GT, Shopping for Cars and Series

by rax262 (via)
The Bear’s just about recovered from another Petit Le Mans, and with Laguna Seca coming up he better get this Poop out of his system. He saw lots of friends in Georgia, at Paddy’s, Jeffery’s, and in the woods at Turn 10. Petit is as much social event as it is a sports event, plus there is nothing quite like night racing – which is something that was entirely lost on the folks in Florida who put lights all over the site of a former classic.

by NordicBay & 4 others
Moteur de recherche

Présidentielle 2007 : Textes de référence

by Fluctuat
Tout est dans le titre : les textes de références de la présidentielle, les programmes officiels des partis, les biographies des candidats. (Date de péremption : à consulter de préférence avant le 21 avril 2007)

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