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April 2007

LawSquawker: Thomas & Wan's Blawg

by thomasandwan
LAWSQUAWKER is the blawg of the law firm Thomas & Wan, LLP in Houston, Texas. THOMAS & WAN is a law firm dedicated to safeguarding the rights of people injured by toxic substances, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs and other products. With over 25 years of experience, Linda Laurent Thomas and Michelle Wan are here to help you and your family.

December 2006

Asbestosis And Legal Implications

by juliesm
In 1929, asbestos manufacturers faced the first lawsuit. Afterwards there was a deluge of lawsuits against employers and manufacturing for neglecting the safety regulations.

June 2006

FuckedSuit Lawsuits

by garraeth
Legal Wars of the New Economy A Web 2.0 opinion site revealing the new economy of sue or be sued. FuckedSuit covers the web this second time around, and the NEW way of doing business - via attorneys.

April 2006

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