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Asset Optimization & Tracking System for Oil & Gas Industry

by AlexBlair - Tech27 Systems is a technology solutions provider and engineering service company that uses advance computer systems, to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.



Camera Zapper

by rike_
Cameras are ubiquitous today, and, from a technology perspective, the revolution is just beginning. Video cameras are becoming smaller and cheaper while the Internet is enabling unlimited live webcasting.


How Laser Printers First Appeared and Developed

by Stargaser
On October 22, 1938, when American inventor Chester Carlson together with German immigrant Otto Kornei first transferred an image from a glass microscope slide to a sheet of wax paper using method later called electrophotography. Kornei wrote the words “10.-22.-38 ASTORIA.” in ink on a glass microscope slide. Then the experimentalists prepared a zinc plate with a sulphur coating, darkened the room, rubbed the sulphur surface with a handkerchief to apply an electrostatic charge. After that they laid the slide on the zinc plate, exposing it to a bright, incandescent light.

The Compact, the Stylish And the Sexy

by Stargaser
Now, let’s get back from the world of innovation technologies to printer maker releases.

All Quiet In HP Printers

by Stargaser
HP responded with a letter posted on blog. The blogger Charlie Sorrel believes this response is only to pacify the public, though the matter definitely requires further careful investigation, and advises to sit away from your printer (inkjet printer owners may feel relieved)

Laser Printers Are Doomed To Extinct?

by Stargaser
Inkjet technology has a bright future, as people are looking for alternatives to laser. The introduction of Memjet and Edgeline is another proof of that. It is just going to take time for page-width inkjets to become integral part of our life.

HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn: Heavy, But Capable

by Stargaser
Fast, capable and good at output quality. Isn’t it what you would expect from a HP color laser printer. New HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn Printer is just like that.

PowerMaster 5mw Blue Beam Laser Pointer 473nm

by waaaa
I have bought one. It is very useful. The laser is blue which is very different from the original green one. In my opinion, it is a new technology by now.

PS3 Laser Lens Repairment in Market

by waaaa
I have the problem that my ps3 can not read certain games. And I don't want to send it back to have it fixed. So I try to find someway to fix this problem. At last I found the way to fix my problem which is an easy way from this article. Now my ps3 go back to its regular life.

L.A.S.E.R. Tag

by mauriz & 1 other
Use a LASER to Tag: Evil !

Konica Minolta Toners by Mega Office

by gsinc
Find great value deals for Ricoh Copier and Printer Toner Supplies toner cartridge. FREE UK delivery.

Top authority on Laser hair removal in Washington

by richmom
They were the first clinic in southern Florida to use much of the advanced laser technology that is available today, and continue to set new standards, always utilizing the finest in state-of-the-art tools and methodology.


A Chip That Can Transfer Data Using Laser Light - New York Times

by sorin_postelnicu
Researchers plan to announce on Monday that they have created a silicon-based chip that can produce laser beams. The advance will make it possible to use laser light rather than wires to send data between chips, removing the most significant bottleneck in computer design.

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