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by 4004
Based in Detroit, Michigan, LOVELAND is all about creative new concepts in micro payments for micro ownership and use of land. It is building frameworks for many people to invest and participate in the creation of something where nothing was before, and to interact with places both in person and online in various unique ways. Starting with the smallest unit of American measurement, the humble inch, the first LOVELAND "colony" is a 10,000 square inch grid called Plymouth. People are invited to purchase these inches for a dollar a piece. When Plymouth is full it will move outdoors from its temporary home in Detroit's Russell Industrial Center and the next colony (or colonies) will appear.




by 1babyclothes


by 1babyclothes

地価公示/地価調査 ポイント検索

by teitei777
地価公示 地価調査 のポイントをgooglemap 上に表示。


How To Increase The Mileage Of Your RV

by kromakirk
You have finally bought your dream house, only it is able to take you and your family anywhere you like. To the uninitiated, what looks like a portable house with all the amenities of home, is called a recreational vehicle. After spending your hard ea...

Torrance, Ca. Real Estate

by gump
Torrance real estate is a mix of the old and the new. Many California bungalow homes were built in the 1940's in Old Torrance, and contemporary newer homes throughout the city, Torrance real estate is as diverse as its areas. Take advantage of professional real estate assistance in the Torrance area.

Sacramento Ca. Real Estate

by gump
Homes, condos and investment properties for sale in the Sacramento area of California

San Diego Real Estate For Sale

by jewels & 1 other
Offering homes, condos, and real estate investments in the San Diego County area. Take advantage of professional real estate assistance in the vicinity.

Cincinnati Ohio Real Estate

by jewels
Find out about the many areas of Cincinnatiby searching the Cincinnati MLS listings of homes for sale in this area. Realtors in the area have a dedication to helping consumers to find just the right property, depending on the needs and desires of the individual or family.

Mesa, Ca. real estate

by woodclaver
Find out about the many areas of Mesa by searching the Mesa MLS listings of homes for sale in the area. Get real estate assistance from those committed to providing clients with solutions to meet their objectives in obtaining the real estate of their choice.

Manhattan New York Real Estate

by brodove
Thoroughly trained and dedicated real estate professionals providing high quality service to real estate consumers.

Jacksonville Florida Real Estate For Sale

by brodove
Jacksonville Florida real estate offers wonderful opportunities for visitor and resident alike. , Jacksonville has some of the most valuable and sought after real estate for sale anywhere in the state. Take advantage of the professional real estate services and assistance offered in this area and find the property you have always hoped for.

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