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Photos démo Budo

by Takwann
Par Marc Buffat, photographe. Noir et Blanc. Pour son 20° anniversaire - 20 ans d'étude d'Aïkido et de Budo - l'équipe du dojodu Grand Cèdre (La Mulatière, France) a créé un événement hors du commun : Une démonstration réunissant les enseignants qui les ont marqués durant ces 20 années.

Kung Fu Panda Artbook

by Lezeb
The movie is far from being released but you can already pre-order the Kung Fu Panda Artbook This artbook is full of great character designs done by Nicolas Marlet, and have a lot of amazing concept arts for the backgrounds.


2 New Kimbo Slice Fights Presented By KCunion

by cflick
Here are 2 new Kimbo Slice fights. The second guy was the best I've seen anyone do against him yet. 1.) Kimbo vs. Afro Puff 2.) Kimbo vs. Big Mac

Martial Art Moments

by realest (via)
Greatest fight scenes from martial arts


Kung Fu Cult Cinema

by evilmonkeypaw & 2 others
Asian movie site- good reviews, articles and information

Shaolin Chamber

by evilmonkeypaw
Movie reviews, dvd covers, galleries of martial arts movies.

Wing Chun - Interactive

by Regis
Cours de wing chun en flash.

Les taos de la Fédération de Wu Shu

by Regis
Les premiers tao officiels de la fédération française de Kung-fu. Pour le moment, on n'a vu que Chang Quan Dingzhu Taolu

2005 I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives [KeyJay, ultrainteractive KungFu Remixer]

by everyueveryme & 3 others
Ultrainteractive KungFu Remixer with audio- and videosamples of Bruce Lee. Scratch, loop and mix your very own KungFu-movieclip, presented by skop

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