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May 2010

Kiri-otoshi, Suri-otoshi, Suri-age

by Takwann
Aikido tactics are grounded in sword tactics. Here the tactic of Object Displacement is used as a calibration device geared toward cultivating a harmony between one’s Angle of Deviation and one’s Angle of Deflection.

December 2009

Quantitative Analysis of Iaido Proficiency by Using Motion Data (format PDF)

by Takwann
The purpose of this research is to make a quantitative analysis of Iaido (the Japanese art of using the Japanese sword) proficiency with multivariate data analysis. We carried out experiments of motion capture on Kirioroshi (a straight overhead slash) movement of Roppon-me (a sword thrust using two hands) in Iaido. We can analyze the proficiency of an Iaido practitioner by conducting PCA (Principal Components Analysis) and cluster analysis of parameters of body movement. In addition, it is expected that our research will help Iaido practitioners and masters with Iaido training through giving new information on Iaido movements.

December 2008

Kiri-otoshi and other discussion - Jodojo Nov 04

by Takwann
Interviews with Nishioka Sensei Can you explain about the concept of Kiri-otoshi? Is the concept of Kiri-otoshi wider than the technique of cutting / pushing down the attacking sword? Is there any relation between Kiri-otoshi and Aiuchi?

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