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Kidspiration Solar System - Inner and Outer Planets Activity

by knann
Explain and demonstrate the sorting activity to the class. Each student will complete the activity by dragging and placing the planets into the appropriate Super Grouper. Each student will print his/her work

Kidspiration Activities & Lesson Plans - North Canton City Schools

by knann (via)
North Canton City Schools elementary teachers explored ways to integrate visual learning and thinking skills into their curriculum areas during a Professional Development study group. After becoming comfortable with Kidspiration, they created lessons and concept maps for their classes. These lessons are showcased to be used as a resource for educators. Please feel free to download the files and use with your students.

Kidspiration Make 'n Take

by knann
Lots of Kidspiration templates for all curriculum areas


Kidspiration Activity Templates

by knann
Many curriculum related templates created by teachers for grades k-5 available for downloading. Check it out!

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