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13 December 2005

10 December 2005

09 December 2005

02 December 2005

The KDE User Guide - an overview of the entire KDE experience.

by macroron
our first point of reference for any simple KDE configuration question, or to find out how to perform a common task. tips and tricks showing you the most useful and impressive features of KDE, and ways to save you time and effort.

21 November 2005

The People Behind KDE

by macroron
The People Behind KDE Who are these creative people? Why are they working on KDE? What motivates them to contribute to the project? What do they eat? Who are their favourite writers, singers and actors? Well... you get the picture. At this web s

16 November 2005

30 October 2005

by macroron & 7 others
Personal Online Desktop. Free 1GB online to store and edit your emails, office documents, calander, organizer, photos and files, chat to friends play games surf the web even faster and more from any computer on your own personal online desktop and acce

29 October 2005

SuperKaramba Home

by macroron & 3 others
a tool that allows anyone to easily create and run little interactive widgets on a KDE desktop. Project details for SuperKaramba

by macroron
a tool that allows anyone to easily create and run little interactive widgets on a KDE desktop.

Appeal - Appeal Wiki Home - a living experiment in progressive development and organizational concepts as applied to the KDE project

by macroron
the practices of art, usability and software development are brought together during the earliest phases of development and supported through ongoing communication and periodic in-person meetings. Appeal serves as an incubator for emerging technologies th

Plasma: KDE4 Desktop Shell: Plasma for KDE

by macroron & 2 others
Desktop computing has changed radically in the last 20 years, yet our desktops are essentially the same as they were in 1984. It's time the desktop caught up with us.

~Canllaith's Pages - - Home

by macroron
a KDE developer and passionate about open source software. - also an open source hacker, working on Gwydion Dylan.

22 October 2005

The Kate Project Home: Kate - KDE Advanced Text Editor

by macroron & 2 others
a multi document editor, based on a rewritten version of the kwrite editing widget of KDE, offering all the features of that plus a bunch of its own. Kate has been been moved to the kdebase package, and is a builtin part of your favorite desktop since rel

19 October 2005

17 October 2005

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