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đź›  JPEG 2000 - Wikipedia

by decembre (via)
Aims of the standard: While there is a modest increase in compression performance of JPEG 2000 compared to JPEG, the main advantage offered by JPEG 2000 is the significant flexibility of the codestream. The codestream obtained after compression of an image with JPEG 2000 is scalable in nature, meaning that it can be decoded in a number of ways; for instance, by truncating the codestream at any point, one may obtain a representation of the image at a lower resolution, or signal-to-noise ratio – see scalable compression. By ordering the codestream in various ways, applications can achieve significant performance increases. However, as a consequence of this flexibility, JPEG 2000 requires codecs that are complex and computationally demanding. Another difference, in comparison with JPEG, is in terms of visual artifacts: JPEG 2000 only produces ringing artifacts, manifested as blur and rings near edges in the image, while JPEG produces both ringing artifacts and 'blocking' artifacts, due to its 8×8 blocks. French trad: Objectifs de la norme: Bien qu'il y ait une augmentation modeste des performances de compression de JPEG 2000 par rapport à JPEG, le principal avantage offert par JPEG 2000 est la flexibilité significative du flux codé.


GitHub - google/guetzli: Perceptual JPEG encoder

by srcmax
Guetzli is a JPEG encoder that aims for excellent compression density at high visual quality. Guetzli-generated images are typically 20-30% smaller than images of equivalent quality generated by libjpeg. Guetzli generates only sequential (nonprogressive) JPEGs due to faster decompression speeds they offer.


Kraken Image Optimizer ·

by Spone
Kraken is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer and compressor with best-in-class algorithms. We'll save you bandwidth and storage space and will dramatically improve your website’s load times.

JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet!

by Spone & 1 other
Reduce photo file size by up to 5x, without compromising quality



PNG and JPG Optimization

by emmanuelc & 3 others
PNG and JPG Optimization, Freewares and Articles for Web

Trimage image compressor

by emmanuelc & 2 others
A cross-platform tool for losslessly optimizing PNG and JPG files.

La revanche du Gif animé - Tendance -

by ghis
Une nouvelle utilisation intéressante du format GIF.


From the Tips Box: Xbox Controller Hacks, High-Res iTunes Artwork, and Healthier Popcorn

by maxxyme
Grab iTunes Artwork for Music, Movies, and TV Shows Photo by Photo Mojo Matthew wote in with a roundabout way to retrieve blocked high-res iTunes artwork: It’s been a real drag not being able to get at the high-resolution artwork since Apple blocked our attempts (Ex: The Josher Method). But there is a new found way that is available to anyone that owns an Apple TV or possibly a regular Mac! While browsing my Apple TV, I noticed that when a movie, TV show, or song is selected, there is a high-res image of the album/cover art displayed to the left. This got me thinking, it has to be stored somewhere for it to show it. I did some digging and found a folder in the file system for just that purpose. Full-sized art in unencrypted jpg format is “cached” in separate folders on the hard drive. With a SSH or FTP-enabled Apple TV, navigate to /mnt/Scratch/private/tmp/Front Row/Images There, folders contain the cover art of all music/TV shows/movies that was selected in the last browsing session! There will also be the low-res images there, but ignore them. The high-res images will be named original.jpg.

Recover JPEG, Ă  la rescousse ! - JHLP

by ghis
RecoverJPEG, pour récupérer des fichiers JPEG perdus.


ImageOptim - a PNG/JPEG graphics optimizer for Mac OS X

by nhoizey & 2 others
"ImageOptim is a front-end (GUI) for set of tools for optimisation of PNG/JPEG images and GIF animations. Optimisation makes files smaller (in terms of disk space) by finding optimal compression parameters and by removing unneccessary information, like file comments, EXIF tags and color profiles."


by nhoizey & 17 others
Converticon is a simple icon utility. It can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files. There is no software to download and it's 100% free.

punypng - PNG Image Optimization and Compression - Gracepoint After Five

by nhoizey & 7 others
punypng is a free optimization service that can dramatically reduce the file size of an image by converting it into a highly-compressed, lossless PNG image. Whether you have a GIF, JPEG or PNG, use punypng for outrageously fast page loads and help make the web more puny!

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