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May 2007

Jikolp Now Donating 100% of Profit to Charity

by Brian_Corrigan
Jikolp is now donating 100% of all profit to charity.

March 2007

Top 10 Movies With a Social Message

by Brian_Corrigan
The recent Oscar excitement has inspired the team to produce our list of the “Top 10 Movies With a Social Message”. Without any further adieu here is our list!

February 2007

What Good Can One Cent per Search Really Do?

by Brian_Corrigan
I have received a few questions recently about the potential impact a search engine like, which donates 50% of all revenue to charity, could actually have. Below is what could be funded by in just one year... Browser Search Plugins Now Available

by Brian_Corrigan is a Google powered search engine which donates 50% of all revenue generated to charity. You can now add to the search bar in your Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which makes it even easier to suppot charity just by searching the web.

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