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November 2006

Autumn Clouds lead to Gaza Tsunami

by sabbah
This morning only, Israel killed 19 Palestinians in Gaza, including 14 Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli tank fire. Women and children were among the dead in the Gaza Strip. The total number of Martyrs in the last 7 days is over 70. Do you still need any more proofs that “Israeli IS a Terrorist State lead by ELECTED Terrorist“? Isn’t it time for your action?

Gaza Autumn Clouds: Why, how, who?

by sabbah
More than 40 martyr up to date. The world is silent, barefacedly! The Palestinian crime is Fighting Israel OCCUPATION! Israel has killed 2,300 Gazans over the past six years, including 300 in the last four months. Five Israelis were killed during the same period (six years) by Qassam rockets, which Israel is now claiming to put an end to. More disturbing news is the entry into the Israeli government of Avigdor Lieberman, as deputy prime minister. He is a Russian immigrant best known for recommended flooding Egypt by bombing the Aswan Dam and his solution to transfer Palestinians out of Israel so as to create an ethnically pure country. He has advocated death for any Arab members of the Knesset. In any truly democratic country he would be denounced and shunned as a dangerous fascist.

October 2006

Dor le Dor

by joyd
Jewish Israel Moldova

Whiskey Bar: Friends in High Places

by ravi
Time magazine is reporting that Rep. Jane Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is under investigation for her ties to the Israel lobby

Guardian | FO's human rights report omits attacks on Lebanon

by ravi
Margaret Beckett, the foreign secretary, told a press conference the omission was because the timing was "a little bit tight" for publication. She said she anticipated the war being dealt with more fully in next year's report. But the authors did find sufficient time to include criticism of the Lebanese-based guerrilla group Hizbullah, and one of its backers, Syria, over attacks on Israel and to provide a figure for Israeli, but not Lebanese, casualties.

September 2006

BBC | Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces'

by ravi
The revelation is set to cause enormous problems for the Kurds, not only in Iraq but also in the wider region.

Japanese Automotive Blog

by Farina
Automotive weblog featuring all the best information from around the world. We emphasis on Top/Performance Japanese Car which includes auto reviews, photos, videos, and opinions. Updated daily.

August 2006

[NYT] Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs - New York Times

by ravi
The State Department is investigating whether Israel’s use of American-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon violated secret agreements with the United States that restrict when it can employ such weapons...

Haaretz Daily Newspaper - Israel

by chickenfire & 2 others
Center-left oriented newspaper in hebrew / english version online. Funded in 1919 as palestine was still under british control.

Syria warns on peacekeepers

by ravi
[Guardian] The Syrian president, Bashar Assad, today warned he would consider the deployment of international troops along the Lebanon-Syria border a hostile move towards his country.

Israeli Soldier Killed In Lebanon Raid

by ravi Israel violates ceasefire again, enters Lebanon.

Hezbollah: Lebanese Rubble 'Made In USA'

by ravi
ABC News: [A]s Hezbollah cleans up the rubble, it's also hanging signs amid the destruction that say "Made in USA." It is clear America's support for Israel during the 34 days of bombing will not be forgotten.

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

by ravi
NY Times article describing the dominance of Hezbollah in rebuilding Lebanon and helping those devastated by Israeli bombing.

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