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June 2007


by vladil
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March 2007

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November 2006

Lichfield Tents Camping Equipment

by kromakirk
[...]would you say to yourself if when faced with a severe problem that could potentially devastate your lifestyle? What would happen if you "did" the first thing that came into your mind? Would you be proud of yourself? Analyze w[...]Tags: Camping Equ...

Camping Equipment New

by kromakirk
[...]ng is a fun adventure for the whole family. Every camping trip takes a little planning to be sure you have necessary supplies and safety equipment. However, camping during the winter has specific cautions that should be taken[...]Tags: Camping Equ...

May 2006

Cody Sanderson added to Iowa State coaching staff with Cael Sanderson

by wrestling
Cody Sanderson, a two-time 133-pound NCAA finalist as an Iowa State wrestler who has been the head wrestling coach at Utah Valley State the last three seasons, has joined the Cyclone coaching staff as associate head coach. The staff addition was announced Friday by ISU head coach Cael Sanderson, Cody’s younger brother. Cael Sanderson hired former Iowa assistant coach Tim Hartung earlier this month.

March 2006

Iowa State General Assembly

by stepart81
Iowa State General Assembly. All amendments starting from H 1236 until March 26, 2006. | KCRG TV9 Your 24 Hour News and Weather Source

by aflciopolitical
Wednesday, March 01, 2006, 6:52:29 PM (Des Moines– KCRG) -- A proposal to raise Iowa's minimum wage is probably dead in this legislative session...

Iowa: Republicans cancel minimum wage debate

by aflciopolitical
March 1, 2006 A meeting to discuss a proposed increase to the state’s minimum wage was scrubbed Wednesday, effectively ending any chance of the measure being approved this year.

2/28/06 - Des Moines: Iowa Democrats Want to Raise Minimum Wage

by aflciopolitical
February 28th, 2006- If your job here in Iowa pays minimum wage, you make $5.15 an hour. Is that too low? Democrats in an evenly split Senate think it is. They say they have the 26 votes needed to raise that amount...

February 2006 | KCRG TV9 Your 24 Hour News and Weather Source

by aflciopolitical
Thursday, February 16, 2006, 7:05:34 AM By Steve Nicoles (Cedar Rapids – KCRG) -- Iowa is one of 32 states that match the federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour but that could change if state lawmakers pass one of a number of bills aimed at raising

Iowa: Minimum wage merits attention - Opinions

by aflciopolitical
Democrats in the Iowa Senate would like to see the state's minimum wage rise to $6.15 per hour, the first increase in nine years, and they have a good case to make. Minimum wages in general are opposed by certain schools of economic thought, and six state

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November 2005

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