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September 2007

April 2007

Dubai Real Estate site

by SuziK
real estate, investments, travel and entertainment site based in Dubai

March 2007

Investing In Tax Lien Certificates »

by davidpeters
Money – Tax lien certificates can be a very good investment if you know the rules... View Story Discuss ( 0) ( 7 hours ago by ...

What Are Tax Lien Certificates?

by davidpeters
The simplest way to understand Tax Lien Certificates is to realize all real estate is taxed by the county and municipality. Real Estate Investing in Secured Tax Lien Certificates.

October 2006

Google Shares Rise After 70% Jump In Revenue

by jdrohn74
Shares of Google Inc. jumped after an announcement that their third quarter profits almost doubled, cementing its lead over Yahoo!. It is being predicted that Google stock will rise from the current $458 to $595.

May 2006

November 2005

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