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Investment calculator

by wabaus
User-friendly calculator for retirement savings




by nachilau
Stock Investment Website which allow you to follow those investment expert to buy stock in the market

Install MetaTrader EAs - Expert Advisors

by polyxena
It’s easy to include add-ons into MetaTrader - indicators, expert advisors (EAs), and other scripts, customising it to your particular requirements

Currency trading options - the Khaleeji

by polyxena
Since the Euro, give or take, has been such a runaway success, stand by for another single currency. Coming your way some time, the khaleeji.

Interest Rate Cuts All Round?

by polyxena
Thursday will have a similar deal - the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England announce their interest rates. The ECB is forecast - only forecast - to keep things the same, resisting any pressure to cut - which the larger members of the EU, France, Germany, would prefer - but others, Portugal, for example are dead against it.

Begin FX trading

by polyxena
Forex doesn’t do negative sentiment - if you reckon one currency is going to go down against another - well - buy the other currency. And you won’t be waiting for 2-3 years for a stagnant equity market to pick up again.

Don't get obsessed with Forex.

by polyxena
The simple fact is, jaded, fatigued, your decision-making is not going to be better. There’s no argument against that.


Doblog - おかねのこねた : 賢く、楽しく、ユックリ投資 by 春山昇華 -

by kuroyagi
"人生の投資年表のようなものを作成してみた(2番目の図) まずは、3年分の生活費を貯めながら、リスク資産への投資を徐々に積み上げていく そして、50歳まではリスク資産(株式)で資産を増やすことに専念する その後、50歳~定年までは、安全資産を増やしていく。定年後はさらに安全資産を増やす。"

Forex candlestick charts: Marubozu

by polyxena
Definitions of the Marubozu can vary…The majority view seems to be that marubozu = a candlestick with no upper or lower shadows. Some will use the term to describe a candlestick with one shadow, usually trailing the trend direction, so that an open (bullish) candle will have a lower shadow and conversely a bearish has an upper shadow.


by springnet
extraordinary woman raised about $15 million of which $3.5 million was from angels or what I would call boutique VC firms (i.e. a group of angels under one investment roof). Keep in mind that was all before the bubble burst back in 2001.


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