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Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery

by srcmax
Build better mobile applications, faster Save time, money, and developer frustration with fast, flexible, and scalable mobile CI/CD that just works.





Simple yet amazing CSS3 border transition effects

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Nifty CSS3 border transition effects. Could be used when designing a modern app

If Data Migration Wasn't So Boring, You Probably Would Have Done It By Now

by yogilou
iframe width548 height357 frameborder0 scrollingno marginheight0 marginwidth0 srchttpmaps.


Pure CSS3 Post Tags | Css Globe

by srcmax & 1 other
This is a rather simple pure CSS trick you can use to style your blog post tags, usually placed at the bottom of the posts. Pure CSS post tags uses at least 2 CSS tricks such as CSS triangles and CSS circles.

Code Standards | Isobar

by srcmax & 1 other
This document outlines our de-facto code standards. The primary motivation is two- fold: 1) code consistency and 2) best practices. By maintaining consistency in coding styles and conventions, we can ease the burden of legacy code maintenance, and mitigate risk of breakage in the future. By adhering to best practices, we ensure optimized page loading, performance and maintainable code.

Intégration continue d'un projet Django

by Xavier Lacot
L'ami Nicolas Perriault présente comment faire de l'intégration continue avec Django, lors de la conférence "Djangocong". Et en plus il fait ça bien, chouette :)

A tale of two viewports — part two

by srcmax
In this mini-series I will explain how viewports and the widths of various important elements work, such as the html element, as well as the window and the screen.


-moz-font-feature-settings - MDC

by srcmax

The -moz-font-feature-settings CSS property allows control over advanced typographic features in OpenType fonts.

LayerGlue ActionScript Library

by ronpish (via)
The LayerGlue gallery demonstrates how the framework can be used to quickly create a site with full browser integration and multi-langauge support. Right click and View Source to see the

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