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November 2009

Handle System 5.3: Using a SQL Database for Storage

by parmentierf
Using a SQL database as storage for as handle server allows greater control over data deposits as well as permitting complex data query.

September 2009

Ex Libris the bridge to knowledge, Overview

by parmentierf (via)
Managing and Showcasing Digital Collections and Institutional Repositories

Evaluation of Digital Repository Software at the National Library of Medicine

by parmentierf
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Library of Medicine® (NLM) undertook an 18-month project to evaluate, test and recommend digital repository software and systems to support NLM's collection and preservation of a wide variety of digital objects. This article outlines the methodology NLM used to analyze the landscape of repository software and select three systems for in-depth testing. Finally, the article discusses the evaluation results and next steps for NLM. This project followed an earlier NLM working group, which created functional requirements and identified key policy issues for an NLM digital repository to aid in building NLM's collection in the digital environment.


by parmentierf
The BibApp is a Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder. A DSpace extension.


by parmentierf
The joined organization, named "DuraSpace," will sustain and grow its flagship repository platforms - Fedora and DSpace. DuraSpace will also expand its portfolio by offering new technologies and services that respond to the dynamic environment of the Web and to new requirements from existing and future users.

February 2009

Digital Commons

by parmentierf
hosted repository platform, Digital Commons helps institutions collect, showcase, and preserve scholarly output. We'll build your repository to match the look and feel of your institution's website. And with Digital Commons you get unlimited support from our highly respected technical support team.

CDS Invenio: Overview

by parmentierf
integrated digital library system, is a suite of applications which provides the framework and tools for building and managing an autonomous digital library server. The software is readily available to anyone, as it is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). The technology offered by the software covers all aspects of digital library management. It complies with the Open Archives Initiative metadata harvesting protocol (OAI-PMH) and uses MARC 21 as its underlying bibliographic standard. Its flexibility and performance make it a comprehensive solution for the management of document repositories of moderate to large size.

November 2008

NITLE - Streaming Multimedia for Digital Libraries and Institutional Repositories such as DSpace

by parmentierf
As institutional repositories and digital libraries continue to grow, gain momentum, and acquire content, interest in including audio and video content in these collections is also growing. Yet managing large audio and video files can be challenging, particularly for users wishing to view or access these digital resources. Such files demand more storage and can introduce long wait periods during which files are downloaded to users' computers. Streaming servers can help campuses provide users with much more efficient access to these files, addressing the challenge of managing and using these resources.

September 2008

Dorothea Salo's Keynote, Repository Fringe 2008

by parmentierf (via)
Le IR, c'est mort. Vive le IR! The institutional repository is dead -- long live the institutional repository! Despite their rocky beginnings, IRs are finally finding their niche and surging forward. What were their initial mistakes, and how can further missteps be avoided? How do we best build on IRs' current momentum? What do IRs need to succeed? Let's get the conversation started!

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