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June 2009

The Fast Company 50 - 2009 | Fast Company

by julie

Even in these tough times, surprising and extraordinary efforts are under way in businesses across the globe. From politics to technology, energy, and transportation; from marketing to retail, health care, and design, each company on the following pages illustrates the power and potential of innovative ideas and creative execution. These are the kinds of enterprises that will redefine our future and point the way to a better tomorrow.

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by dpansu (via)
Le blog des éco-innovations

December 2008

by Emaux & 34 others
l’un des principaux sites francophones de veille sur l’innovation dans le domaine des technologies de l’information et de la communication, est soutenu par 15 acteurs de l’innovation et de la recherche pour garantir son indépendance, assurer son développement et enrichir son contenu.