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October 2007

August 2007

Wiki Media, Expert Systems, Free Culture and Health Care: Imagining the Convergence Horizon in Developing Countries

by jds1pdx, 1 comment
How can we combine the community values, social networking, and collective intelligence and information gathering of the wiki enterprise, with the critical science, professional competence and amplifying effect of expert systems, (take a deep breath) with the bold attempts to break down archaic or self-serving legal and political barriers to information the public needs — as symbolized possibly by the ‘Free Culture’ movement — in order to bring health care to the poor and rural populations in Asia or anywhere else for that matter?

July 2007

Home - dossia

by jds1pdx, 1 comment
Employers are creating the Dossia Network to provide consumers with an important new health benefit: a lifelong personal health record that they own and control

November 2006


by maddoxeric & 103 others
News for nerds, stuff that matters

by maddoxeric & 61 others
Home of the Mozilla Project who makes software applications as the mozilla web browser, firefox, thunderbird e-mail client and more.

Local Debian Start Page

by maddoxeric
This is a local page to avoid using the network on disconnnected machines. Debian mozilla package start page.

October 2006

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