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WIKA Italiana

by manmac00
Specializzata nella produzione e distribuzione di strumentazione meccanica ed elettronica per la misura di pressione e temperatura.


What Michael Pollan Hasn't Told You About Food

by soul1383
As both obesity and hunger are on the rise, a new book shows why we shouldn't feel guilty about our food choices but angry with a corrupt food system.


Top 50 analyst bloggers « Technobabble 2.0

by springnet
This league table is a global ranking of the top 50 English-language analyst blogs. Michael Coté of RedMonk is at number 3.


by Katy.Remy & 1 other
Exploring and collecting history online, science, technology and industry. Permet d'interroger plus de 5000 sites sur le sujet.

Fuzz :: Maureen

by dustface
I used to be in a band called Babes in Toyland--almost exactly ten years after I left the band I started working for Fuzz. I was introduced to one of the founders through my brother who worked with him at Google. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what artists need--I always have, and now it's part of my job. I think that artists need to make a living doing what they love—not sacrifice so severely to be able to create—and in some cases stall their ability to be prolific. Artists live in possibility, but they can not live on it.


Mesothelioma Lawyer A Real Nightmare To The Asbestos Industry

by juliesm
A mesothelioma lawyer is the person who often argues in the court of law to help the victims who have been affected by this kind of clinical problems and these lawyers will take all measures to prove the cause of this problem.


by YukuanMark
在二千年的三月,我架了這個站並以有點不可靠的聲明 (<a class="linkification-ext" href="


by maxjhuang & 5 others
Techmeme gets the story no matter where it appears, and often days before it hits major sites. Coverage is driven by a mix of industry insiders, passionate independents, and established journalists.

China sees 60 million bloggers by year's end | CNET

by vista (via)
China is the world's second-largest Internet market after the United States with more than 110 million users. A survey by Chinese search engine put the current number of blog, or Web log, sites at 36.82 million which are kept by 16 million people, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. The number of Chinese bloggers is expected to hit 60 million by the end of this year, Xinhua said, quoting a report on China's media industry by the prestigious Tsinghua University.

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Web 2.0's Startup Fever - Technology Review

by vista (via)
This explosion of new Web sites -- a phenomenon often dubbed "Web 2.0" -- is great for all kinds of Internet users. But how long can this new crop of startups survive without charging for their products? The answer, in some cases, may be not long. Simply put, many of these outfits, much like their dot-com predecessors in the late 1990s, don't have business models. The most common revenue source in the Web 2.0 world is contextual advertising -- but, as some analysts point out, the nickels and dimes earned when visitors click on ads provided by the likes of Google's AdWords barely bring in enough to cover the costs of Web server hardware. Consequently, some industry watchers believe that a shakeout is likely within the next 12 to 24 months.


Tech Blogs Produce New Elite to Help Track The Industry's Issues

by vista
Revolutions don't usually work out quite as planned. And that's what's happening now in the technology world with blogs. They are every bit as important as their boosters said they would be. But in an entirely different way. In the standard theory about technology blogs -- which was the conventional wisdom until a few months ago -- mainstream media were out of touch, elitist or simply ossified, and they would soon be supplanted by a grass-roots army of bloggers working intently at their laptops to speak truth to power.

Industry, Le Jeu

by kleduts
Jeu de gestion d'entreprises virtuelles.

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